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Genesis 6 - 8:19

The Flood

Gen. 6:1-12 – “When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of them they chose.”  Who were the “sons of God”?  These were direct creations by God.  They were fallen angels – Satan’s angels.  We know this because Job 1:6 says the angels presented themselves to the Lord and Satan was with them.  Jude 6 says angels did not keep their own domain and they are kept in darkness until judgment.   2 Peter 2:5 says God does not spare the angels, but cast them to hell.  These angels took human wives, “daughters of men” and had children with them.  Of course this was not allowed by God.  Some say the sons of God were the descendants of Seth.  Some say the Nephilim mentioned in verse 4 were their children.  Others say the Nephilim were giants and violent tyrants.  Others say they were a worthless class of men with violent character.  Either way there was much wickedness on the earth.    

God was upset with men and the world.  Marriage and sensuality was taken lightly, inclination and thoughts of man’s heart was evil all the time and there was much violence.  This grieved Him so that He decided he would wipe man off the face of the earth. – Gen. 6:5-6.  This judgment ultimately was a good thing for the human race, because it cleared the earth of all evil.  In these passages we learn that God is filled with pain in His heart for mankind.  He is deeply grieved.  He was so sorry that He had made them that He was willing to destroy everything on the earth - even the animals, too.  God has a firm commitment to accomplish His righteous purposes and does what was necessary. 

What evil do you see in our world today?  It sounds like Noah’s day was just like ours.   There is so much violence on TV and in movies with sex, marriage being degraded, the collapse of the family, shootings, murders, drug abuse, acceptance of homosexuality, widespread pornography, and the rebelling against God.  We see so much of this type of lifestyle that it seems normal. 

Why is there sin in the world?  People are consumed by their desires.  They see all this evil behavior and think it’s ok since others are doing it.  When things go wrong, people want to blame God for it.  They see Satan’s evil and want to blame it on God.  Satan loves this thinking.  He knows if they blame God, they will reject God.  If there was no sin in the world, then there would be no free choice.

Lamech had a son and named him Noah, which means “rest” or “to comfort”.  Maybe Lamech thought Noah would bring comfort to the world, but he was wrong.  Noah brought comfort to God.  Noah walked with God like his grandfather, Enoch.  Enoch was alive during Noah’s first 69 years of his life.  He probably had a great influence on Noah.  Noah found favor with God in Gen. 6:8.  This is the 1st mention of grace in the Bible.  Noah was a preacher of the Gospel.  Gen 6:9“Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God.”  Noah was not perfect, because we know in Rom. 3:23“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  We know Noah was righteous, because he did everything God commanded him to do.

Who influences you?
Are you setting a good example for others, for your children?

Gen. 6:11-22 – God told Noah He was going to destroy the earth and everything in it because of the evil in the world and for Noah to build an ark.  God gave Noah all the instructions that were needed on how to make the ark.  It took him 100 years to build it.  Then the 1st covenant of the Bible was made.  God made a covenant with Noah that he and his family would be spared.  He was to enter the ark along with 2 of every kind of creature, male and female and he was to keep them alive.  He was to take every kind of food and store it away for food for his family and the animals.  Where did Noah get these creatures?  They came to him.  When God asks us to do something, He always provides.

I am sure God’s revelation to Noah and his family might have seemed unbelievable, since it had never flooded before, the size of the ark, every kind of animal on earth was to be saved, the feeding of those animals, Noah’s in-laws would perish, his daughter-in-law’s family would perish, and just the magnitude of the event itself.  Noah’s family was probably convinced because of Noah’s faith and his living example, the evil in the world and the evil of those living around them, the animals coming to them and it raining for 40 days.

What convinces you the flood was real? – The alleged discovery of the Ark in Iran; the fact that there are stories of a great flood in the ancient traditions of the Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, American Indian, and Babylonian cultures; geological evidence of a flood; rainbows.

Noah was obedient, are you?  He made no excuses.
What if God told you today to build an ark and that there would be a worldwide flood, would you?
What excuses do you make when God asked you to do something?
How can you be godly when others around you are not?

On the 2nd month and the 17th day the rains began and Noah and his family entered the ark.  It then rained for 40 days and 40 nights – Gen. 7:11.  Noah was in the ark for 1 year and 10 days.  We know this because Gen. 8:14 says the 2nd month and 27th day the earth was completely dry and Noah came out of the ark.  That’s 1 year and 10 days.  Noah sent out a dove.  But the dove could not find a place to land so it returned.  Later Noah sent out a dove again and it returned with an olive leaf.  He knew then the waters had receded.  Then to be safe, he sent a dove again and it did not return. – Gen. 8:11-12.

 Why do you think he sent a dove?  Perhaps God told him to.  Noah knew doves ate only plants and if the land and vegetation had surfaced, the dove would fine it.  Then God told Noah in Gen. 8:15-19“Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives.   Bring out every kind of living creature that is with you – the birds, the animals, and all the creatures that move along the ground – so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number upon it.”  Don’t you think after a year on the ark Noah wanted to get off immediately?  But he waited until God told him it was ok. – Gen. 8:15.  He was more obedient to God than his own feelings.  God provided for him again by making him wait until the destruction of the land had healed so there would be food for Noah and the animals.

 What lessons do you learn from these chapters?

   Marriage between the righteous and the unrighteous is not wise. – Gen 6:1-2
   God is patient, but his grace will eventually end. – Gen. 6:3
   Evil originates in the heart and can take over your life. – Gen. 6:5
   God holds the power of life and death. – Gen 6:7
   It is possible to not live as the world lives. – Gen. 6:8
   Man should follow the example of Noah. – Gen. 6:9
   God will judge evil. – Gen. 6:13
   God made a covenant with Noah. – Gen. 6:18
   Noah was obedient to God. – Gen. 6:22
   The flood was a global catastrophe. – Gen. 7
   God kept His promise in Gen. 6:17. – Gen. 7:10-12
   God’s judgment is inescapable. – Gen. 7:21-23
   God remembers the righteous. – Gen. 8:1
   God is powerful.  His power controlled the flood waters. – Gen. 8:1-2
   God is the God of a new start. – Gen. 8:17
   He is pleased by our sacrifices. – Gen. 8:21-22
   God promised to never again destroy the earth by water. – Gen. 8:21-22
One day God will judge the earth as He did the earth in Noah’s day.  He has plans and purposes and He will bring about His perfect plan.  All those who are against God will be judged, when Jesus returns.  God is perfect and loving.  He cannot tolerate sin.  He loved us even though were sinners.  He loved us enough that He sent His son, Jesus to die in our place and for our sins.

When will Jesus return?  We don’t know, but He will come when we least expect it.  He is waiting as long as He can.  He wants no one to perish, but time is running out.  God’s judgment will inevitably fall and will separate those who trust in Jesus from those who have rejected Him.  God has provided a way of escape for you just as He did for Noah.  That way is through Jesus.   Are you ready to be judged?  Are you ready for Jesus to return?

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