Thursday, December 15, 2016

John 9

Why do people suffer?  Is it because of the sin in their lives?  Do children suffer because of some sin their parents did? 

Jesus went along and saw a man blind from birth.  His disciples wanted to know if he was blind because of something he or his parents did.  Perhaps they were thinking of the Old Testament where it says God does not leave the guilty unpunished, but punishes their children and their children’s children to the 3rd and 4th generations. (Ex. 34:5-7)

Jesus answered that no one sinned.  This happened so God’s work might be displayed.  Jesus tells them that we must continue to do the work of God for the time will come He will not be here on earth.  While He is here, He is the light of the world.  Jesus is referring to His crucifixion.  He won’t stop until His work is done.  He always brings glory to God by completing the work God gave Him to do.  He is still at work today.   The believer’s work is only to believe in Jesus. (John 6:29)

Really all suffering is punishment of sin because of the sinful world we live in.  The disciples were talking about personal sin.  The punishment for sin is death not suffering.  God made a way to take that punishment.  He sent Jesus.  He took on our punishment so we wouldn’t have to.  Some suffering is natural and comes from the choices we make.  Sometimes we think people are responsible for their own suffering, which is sometime true.  The choices we make can cause us or those we love to suffer.  Is a child’s suffering because of a parent’s sin?  Sometimes, because of the choices the parents make.  If parents are doing drugs, their children suffer.

Jesus’ healing of the blind man was an astounding miracle.  He was blind from birth.  He didn’t ask Jesus to heal him, but Jesus had compassion and was always focused on doing God’s work.  He was always teaching and showing His power.

How are you focused on God’s Work?
What has He called you to do?

There is nothing impossible with God.  There is always hope.  We just need to keep trusting and praying even when it seems hopeless.

The man’s neighbors questioned him.  They didn’t think he was the one who was blind since birth.  The man insisted he was that man.  The Pharisees question the man and asked who healed him.  He said, "One thing I do know.  I was blind but now I see!" - John 9:25  His parents were even questioned, but were afraid of being put out of the synagogue.  They told the Pharisees to go and ask him themselves.  The Pharisees then threw the man out of the temple because he defended Jesus.

How have you stood up for Jesus?
Jesus heard what they had done and went to find the man.  We see the progression of the man’s faith.  First he said it was a man, then a prophet and finally that it was Jesus and that if He wasn’t from God He could do nothing.  Jesus asked him if he believed in the Son of Man and told the man who He was.  The man believed and worshiped Him.

Jesus first gave him physical sight and now spiritual sight.  Jesus said “For judgment I have come into this world so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.”John 9:39  The Pharisees were blind.  They knew better.  They knew the Scriptures and the prophecies, but refused to believe.  We are blind to sin before we were believers, but once we believe our sins are revealed.  We recognize our sin.

Do you refuse to believe who Jesus is?
How were your eyes opened to sin in your life?

Believers were persecuted then and are persecuted now.  Christians are being killed and persecuted all over the world.  We don’t see that in American, but we see rejection from family and friends because of our faith.  It hurts our hearts, but we can lean on God’s strength.  Then our faith will grow.  Do not give up, but cling to Him.

God uses suffering to demonstrate His power and grace.
Faith grows through challenges and by knowing the Word.
Our faith in Jesus is strengthened as we stand with Him in persecution.
Jesus can heal physically and spiritually.

What do you need Jesus to heal you from?
How has Jesus healed your spiritual blindness?

Next week we will study the rest of John 10.  Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting my site.  Hope to see you here next time.

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