Thursday, September 15, 2011

Introduction to the book of Acts

We’re off to a good start in Bible Study Fellowship.  We will not only be studying the book of Acts, but some of Luke, James, Jude, I & II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, and Thessalonians.  Our Seminar Leader is wonderful.  She told us wherever God’s Spirit and truth is magnified there is growth.  I look forward to growing through this study.

When we study scripture we need to be on the “hunt” to know God.  Don’t just read to get the answers to the questions, but look for God and His character.  The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind.  It consists of 66 writings, the story of redemption, the living Word of God, and is without error or contradiction.   Acts is considered the most important book in the New Testament, like Isaiah is considered the most important book in the Old Testament.

Acts 1:8 is the heart of the study and the Holy Spirit is the main character.  It will be a study of ordinary people who birthed the Church.  We will learn about Paul, Peter, John, Philip, Steven, and Saul’s conversion – just to name a few

Purpose of Acts:
To emphasize the Holy Spirit’s Person and Work
To show God’s sovereignty
To show joy in all circumstances

1.     God has provided an answer to every problem of the human heart through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
2.    Jesus works through individuals who completely surrender to the Holy Spirit.
3.    The growth of the Church rests on the living resurrected Christ.


Lili said...

Your blog is beautiful, Iv. It's full of inspiration and lovely words from The Lord.
God bless you. x

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Lanie said...

You are really excited about what you are doing and I like it. :) God bless you in your spiritual journey and your life.