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Hebrews 1 - 2:4

Hebrews 1:1-3 - Jesus is the Son of God
Hebrews 1:4-14 - Jesus is Superior
Hebrews 2:1-4 - Jesus is More Than Worthwhile

 The author of Hebrews is unknown.  Some of the purposes for writing Hebrews are:  to show Christ is superior to angels (Heb. 1:1-14), to warn believers to pay careful attention and not drift away (Heb. 2:1), to show Christ is faithful which encourages people in difficult times (Heb 6:3) and to remind us to leave the elementary teaching and go on to a maturity in Christ (Heb. 6:1).

Who is the Son?
1.      He’s heir of all. All things belong to him.
2.     He’s creator. All things are made through him.
3.     He’s the radiance of God’s glory.
4.     He’s the exact representation of God’s being.
5.     He’s the sustainer of all things by his powerful word.
6.     He’s the purifier and cleanser of our sin.
7.      He’s enthroned at the right hand of God in all majesty.

            The way to know God today is to know His son, Jesus Christ.

What are you facing that Jesus Christ is not empowered to impact?
What are you trusting to meet a need other than Jesus Christ?  No one compares to Jesus Christ.
Who are Angels?
1.      They are ministering spirits sent to serve and help those who are to receive salvation. 
2.     God commanded them to worship Jesus just as we do.

Jews believed angels were like God. They believed angels were consultants to God and that God actually asked angels for advice.  Jews were angel worshippers.  Angels were very important in the Jewish religion.  AND - We do not become angels when we die. 

Angels are created by God and are in heaven.  Angels worship and serve God.  Angels protect believers from danger, protect children and rejoice when people are saved.  They are and will be our servants.  Angels serve the interest of God the Son. God the Son is eternal and his reign knows no end.  Jesus is God.  Jesus remains the same and his years will never end.  The universe will cease to exist one day, but Jesus will never end.  Angels continually serve as Jesus sits on the throne. 

            Jesus Christ as God the Son is superior and sovereign.

What do you worship today other than Jesus Christ? Ask the Lord to show you.
Do you have plans to worship with your family over the holidays, or do you have plans to worship your family?
How will you respond the next time someone gives credit to an angel?
Do you worship Jesus for who he is or for what he can bless you with?
How does your life reflect that Jesus is Lord?

Old Testament passages are quoted to show that Jesus is God’s son and is superior to angels:
Heb. 1:5 – Ps. 2:7, 2 Sam. 7:14, 1 Chron. 17:3
Heb. 1:6 – Deut. 32:43
Heb. 1:7 – Ps. 105:4
Heb. 1:9 – Ps. 45:6-7
Heb. 1:12 – Ps. 102:25-27
Heb. 1:13 – Ps. 110:1 

These are many passages in the Old Testament that point to Jesus. There are many in Isaiah.  Just to name a few:
Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 35:3-6, Isaiah 53:5-7  One of my favorites is Isaiah 53:6 “We all, like sheep has gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all”.

(Hebrews 2:1) Carries a warning to pay attention to what we’ve heard and not drift away.  What we have heard is that Jesus is the Son of God and He is to be worshiped.  He is the only way to God.

Many things in our culture today entice us to drift away.  Just look at TV programs, news, politics, movies and the list goes on.  They are really anti-Christ and where self-indulgence is glorified.  Drifting occurs when we don’t pay attention to Jesus (through God’s Word and communicating with God through prayer).  We’re held accountable for the truth we have been given. 

Red flags to help you identify if you are “drifting”:
            Is reading the bible just a chore?
            Are you more concerned with the affairs of the world than the heart of God?
            Do you not care if you miss church?

Stop now and let God know:           
            I want to care about what you care about.
            Please take my heart and mind to your Word.
            Make me want what you want for me.

How does the time you spend in the world compare to the time you spend with him and serving him?  Your spiritual gift is not just for you.  Ask God to show you the temporary scaffolding in your life that keeps you going. Take a step off of that temporary scaffolding to allow God to keep you secure.  Jesus is your sure foundation.

(Heb. 2:2-3)  The message given by angels is true and disobedience to the word of angels is dangerous.  How can we escape if we pay no attention to the great salvation?  How much more dangerous is it to be neglectful of words spoken by Jesus?

            Spiritual drifting results from neglecting Jesus, the anchor of hope. 

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