Wednesday, October 26, 2016

John 4:31-54

John 4:31-38 – The Harvest

The disciples wanted Jesus to eat.  Jesus said that He had food that they knew nothing about.  “My food, is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”John 4:34.  He spoke of the harvest, fields, crop, sower, reaper and wages.  He said the fields were ripe for the harvest. (John 4:34-38)

The fields and crops are the people of the world.  The harvest is those who are ready to receive the truth.  People are searching and are hungry for something or someone to believe in.  They may not realize it, but deep down they are not satisfied and are searching.

The sower and the reaper in this case is Jesus, but all believers are sowers.  We plant the seed of the gospel.  We may or may not reap the results right away.  The reaper is one who actually sees the person come to believe in Christ.  The wages are the joy, blessings, rewards, and satisfaction in seeing someone saved.  Jesus says one sows and one reaps the harvest.  It’s encouraging to know that even though we may not see the fruits of our labor those seeds we planted will grow and mature and someday that person that we’ve witnessed to and prayed for will be saved.

How are you doing the work God has given you? 
Who in your life is ripe for the harvest?

John 4:39-42 – The Belief

The Samaritan woman took the gospel to her town and many Samaritans came to see Jesus.  They spent time with Him and because of His Words, they became believers.  They called Him, “The Savior or the world”. (John 4:39-42)

The town’s people saw a change in the woman and they had to see for themselves.  It started with seeds she planted.   Through her planting their souls were harvested.

How are you planting the seeds of the gospel?
What keeps you from telling others about Jesus?
Do you feel you are not knowledgeable enough?  She didn’t have all the answers or a lot of Bible knowledge, but she told others.  So you don’t have an excuse.  Even when we don’t speak the words, we are still giving testimony by our actions. 

So many people today here in America with all kinds of opportunities are rejecting Jesus.  But people in the more backward countries who are less fortunate and don’t have the opportunities we have, are hearing about Jesus and accepting Him almost without question.  It’s just like the Jews rejecting Jesus and people like the Samaritans accepting Him.

How often do you spend time with Jesus?

John 4:43-54 – The Faith

 Jesus revisited Cana in Galilee where He had turned water into wine.  A royal official whose son was sick in Capernaum approached Jesus and begged Him to come and heal his son.  Jesus answered him by saying that unless you people see miraculous things you will never believe.  The official begged Jesus again to come before his sons dies.  Then Jesus said to go and his son will live.  Then on his way home his servant met him and said that his son was healed. (John 4:46-51).
News about Jesus had spread so this official traveled from Capernaum to the Cana in Galilee to see Jesus.  He worked for the government so he had authority over Jesus, but he was humble and realized that Jesus had a different kind of authority.  Probably a crowd had gathers because of Jesus using the words “you people” in verse 48.  The official didn’t get angry and leave.  The official acted in faith by going home.  To believe is to act and that’s just what he did.  He had faith when he believed Jesus could help his son, faith by believing Jesus’ words, and faith when saw his son healed.  Then his whole family believed.  This is real faith to believe in a miracle before you see it. 

The official realized that the exact time Jesus told him “your son will live” was the exact time his fever broke so all his household believed.  This was Jesus’ 2nd miracle in Galilee.  (John 4:53-54).

We learn in this passage that Jesus was compassionate.  He can do all things.  He can change lives.  We need to give our concerns and problems to Him, believe, and He will do the rest.  You won’t receive, if you don’t ask.

What miracle has God done in your life? 
Where is Jesus calling you to prove your faith?

I am sure the official had some doubts, but Jesus challenged his faith.  True faith is not absence of doubts – it’s acting in spite of it.  True faith is believing God and courageously acting on His Word.

Next week we will study the rest of John 5.  Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting my site.  Hope to see you here next time.

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