Friday, May 12, 2017

Lessons From the Book of John

My faith has been strengthened through the study of John.  Every time I read and study the Bible, God reveals more and more to me.  I was reminded of things I already knew as well as learning more about applying His truths to my life. 

John 1
 Jesus was there at creation and is the One by which all things were made. 
He gives light to the world. 
He is the answer for sin. 
He came from the Father and is full of grace and truth.

John 2
Jesus has the power to turn hope into joy. 
He has the authority to transform ritual into relationship.

John 3
 You must be born again to see the kingdom of God. 
Everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life.   

John 4
Nothing but Jesus will satisfy. 
True worship is the condition of the heart. 
Christians are to do soul-harvesting.
John 5
Jesus wants us to not choose to be helpless and to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, but walk or move from where we are into a new life.
Jesus is equal to God.
There are many witnesses proving who Jesus is: God Himself, John the Baptist, the work of Jesus, the Scriptures, and Moses and the Old Testament.  Biblical faith is not blind; it is grounded on evidence.

John 6
God uses challenges, temptations and storms to reveal Himself.
Prayer is vital to resisting temptation. 
Resistance to Him cannot change the truth that to have eternal life is possible only through belief in Jesus. 
Jesus is the Bread of Life and provides all we need.  
Jesus is worthy of our pursuit.
Jesus is the only way to avoid judgment and to live eternal life.

John 7
Jesus’ words are powerful and touch our hearts like nothing else.  God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the Trinity.  God, the Father who is our Creator.  Jesus, the Son who is our Redeemer.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit in us and is our security.  Jesus does not act independently of God.

John 8
Jesus is loving, kind, fair, all knowing and forgiving.  Instead of throwing rocks at sinners, He restores them.
Jesus is the light of the world.   We are slaves because of sin, but the truth can set you free.  Jesus offers freedom to all who believe.
Jesus is everything and everywhere.  Jesus is God.  He is the Great I AM.

John 9
God can use suffering to demonstrate His power and grace.
Faith grows through challenges and by knowing the Word.
Our faith is strengthened as we stand with Him in persecution.
Jesus can heal physically and spiritually.

John 10
Jesus is our True Shepherd.  He knows and guides His sheep.  He loves His sheep enough to willingly die for them.  His sheep hear and recognize His voice.
Jesus and the Father are One.

John 11
God lets us wait for His perfect timing to show His glory.
Jesus leaves no doubt about His power.
Greater purpose in all things both good and bad is the glory of God.

John 12
A life spent in selfless devotion to Jesus is not wasted.
Worship can be costly.
Jesus is worthy of our love, faith and sacrifice.
Fulfilled prophecies prove that Jesus is the Messiah.

John 13
We are called to selfless service and no task is beneath us to do for Christ’s sake.
Choosing to reject Jesus gives Satan opportunity to work.

John 14
Jesus is the only way to the Father.
Our love for Jesus is demonstrated by our obedience.
Jesus gives us true peace through the Holy Spirit.

John 15
Every true follower of Jesus bears fruit.
Jesus commands all believers to lay down their lives for one another.
People who choose to reject Christ also reject His followers.  Believers can expect persecution.

John 16
Jesus offers joy and peace through the Holy Spirit.

John 17
Through prayer believers receive the power, protection, and courage to live glorifying lives.
God’s sovereign plan involves Jesus give eternal life to all who the Father had given Him.
God’s sovereign plan is to glorify Himself and His Son through the cross.

John 18
Jesus chose to be arrested and suffer the cross to save us instead of Himself.
Even when you fail the Lord, He never fails you.
God is in control and over rules man’s evil schemes.

John 19
Our response to trials reveal who we really are.
Jesus willing died for us to accomplish God’s redemption plan.
Jesus triumphantly finished God’s plan to pay the full price for our sin.
His death gave us access to God.
We live in freedom from our past to live a new resurrected life.

John 20
Death could not hold Jesus.
No grave can hold believers, because Jesus’ resurrection conquered death.
Belief in the resurrections leads to a new relationship with God.
Believers are commanded to tell others.
We are to stop doubting and believe.
The evidence of Jesus’ resurrection should lead us to believe in Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

John 21
Jesus wants us to come and follow Him.
Obeying Him truly satisfies.
Jesus disciplines us to restore us to fruitful service.
God uses each person differently based on our individual needs, personality and with work He has for us.
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