Monday, June 22, 2015

I Hate Cell Phones!

Do you have a cell phone?  If you don’t, you’re not living in the modern world.  Cell phones are nice to have, but sometimes I HATE Cell Phones!  It may not be the cell phone’s fault.  People who have them may be the problem.  Let me explain. 

When talking to someone face to face and all of a sudden their cell phone rings, what happens?  Do they continue to give you their full attention and check their phone later?  No, they don’t.  What do they do?  They answer their phone and leave you standing there.  They continue to talk for several minutes as if you were not important at all.  It is the same when they get a text. 

You’re eating in a restaurant with your friends and everyone is constantly on their phone.  They’re playing games, checking emails, texting, etc.  Again, you are left sitting there as if you were not important at all.  Whatever happened to face to face communication?  I thought it was bad when we started emailing instead of writing letters.

Since some people don’t have a home phone and only have a cell, they carry the cell phone around as if it were attached to them.  It’s always in their pocket or right beside them on a table.  They even take it to the bathroom with them.  They cannot miss a call!  How important can a phone call be that you can’t miss a call for a few minutes?

Young people and yes, older ones, too talk for extended periods of time.  This is wasteful time and of course money if you’re paying for your minutes.

When driving on my way to work, I see people on their phones.  What do you need to talk about that early in the morning?  What is that important that you can’t wait until you park your car?

Cell phones used when driving is very dangerous.  It only takes a second to lose control of your car when dialing your phone and even more dangerous is texting while driving.  Texting while driving is unlawful in some states.  They also emit some radiation and can be harmful to our health.  They have linked cancer and brain tumors to cell phone use.

People never leave home without it.  What did we do before cell phones?  We live in a time of instant access to communication, business and entertainment. 

Some people violate other peoples’ privacy.  Cell phones are misused when people use the camera to take pictures without others permission.  They can record conversations, too. 

There are places you should not use your cell phone - movies, bathrooms, churches, elevators, hospitals, meetings, funerals and weddings, planes.  You get the idea. 

When you talk on your phone, people tend to talk louder than usual.  This is very disturbing to others.  AND don’t put your phone on speaker!  Don’t multi-task by talking on your phone when shopping, banking or waiting in line in the grocery store.  This is VERY annoying to others.

As you can see, I get very agitated about cell phones and those who rudely use them.  Yes, they are useful in cases of emergencies.  But come on people, use them responsibility.   I hope this makes you stop and think when and how you use your cell phone.  AND – heaven forbid, if you forget to charge it!  You might have to wait 30 minutes for it to charge before you can use it again.

NOTE:   Wouldn’t it be great if we treated our Bible like our cell phones - Carried it with us everywhere, turned back if we forgot it, checked it for messages all throughout the day, used it in case of emergencies, and spent an hour or more a day using it?


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