Monday, May 4, 2015

Summary of the Life of Moses

What a great study we have had in the Life of Moses.  We saw all the stages of his life and how God was always with him growing him to be the man God wanted him to be.    Moses had status in Pharaoh’s place for 40 years, served the next 40 as a humble shepherd and then another 40 years as a prophet of God and leader of Israel.  Moses allowed God to work and shape his life as He will do ours, if we let Him.  Just like Moses we go through easy times as well as tough times, but God is always there shaping us into the person He wants us to be.

God wants us to have a personal relationship with Him.  Moses definitely accomplished this.  Moses was the only man that God spoke to face to face. (Ex. 33:11)  There has never been a prophet risen in Israel like Moses. (Deut.  34:10)  Moses spoke with God in the burnish bush and when he received the 10 commandments.   Moses spent many hours in the presence of God.

Moses did 2 powerful things that dramatically changed the course of his life:  1. He followed God’s call and 2. He had an intimate personal relationship with God.  God can change the course of your life just like He did for Moses.  So God can do the same for you, if you are willing.

Are you a faithful follower like Moses?
Do you have a personal relationship with God?
How has God changed your life?

Moses didn’t start out as the leader of Israel.  In Exodus we saw that Pharaoh feared the Israelites, because there were so many of them.  He tried to control them with hard labor and when that didn’t work, he killed all the baby boys.  Moses escaped death when his mother hid him in a basket in the Nile for Pharaoh’s daughter to find.  She found him and raised him in the palace as her own.  There is stayed for 40 years.  One day he saw a fellow Israelite being mistreated by an Egyptian.  Moses came to his defense and killed him.  Of course Moses had to flee for his safety.

Moses then became a shepherd for the next 40 years until God called him to lead Israel.  God wanted him to go to Egypt and rescue His people.  Moses had several excuses not to go, but God had a plan and convinced him to go and the rest is history.  A baby was born to a slave couple in dangerous circumstances, but turned out to be the greatest human emancipator and law give the world has ever known.

Where has God called you?
What excuses do you make when God calls you?

The Bible says we are to be ambassadors for Christ.  We represent Him to the world.  We, like Moses must be faithful and loyal to God.  Moses had to put up with the Israelites who consistently complained even though God gave them everything they needed.  God gave them food, water, clothing, shelter, protection from their enemies, and was always with them.  Their negativity never affected Moses.  He stayed loyal, true, and on task just as God wanted him to do.  Moses even interceded for them, when God became angry with Israel for their rebellion.

When have you interceded for someone?
What were the results?

God promised Abraham and his descendants the land of Canaan, the Promised Land.  God called Moses to lead Israel out of Egyptian slavery and into the Promised Land.  He led the people for 40 years to the land, but he could not enter.  He didn’t complain.  He remained faithful to his people and to God and looked to his heavenly home.  During his last days he recounted their journey so the people would remember all God had done for them.  Even at his old age of 120 years, he was faithful and never stopped leading the people.  Before he died he blessed all the tribes.  (Deut. 33) 

Moses was a great man, but remained humble never drawing attention to himself.  He demonstrated an unshakable faith in the most shaking circumstances.  He prayed effectively and always interceded for others.  He showed great courage in his final hours.  He walked confidently up Mount Nebo and died after God let him see for the last the land Israel would inherit.  God buried Moses Himself.  No one knows where Moses’ grave is.  Maybe it’s because Israel is prone to idolatry.  If they knew where he was buried, they may have worshipped him.

Do you want to be like Moses?  To be like Moses you must have faith, be humble and courageous, intercede for others, spend time with God, keep your focus on God, be obedient, trust God, and tell others about the one true God.  Moses’ character points us to Jesus Christ, the one greater than Moses.

This finishes the study of The Life of Moses.  In the fall I will post on the book of Revelation.  You don’t want to miss that!  Throughout the summer I will be posting on various topics.  I look forward to sharing my thought with you.

Have a blessed summer and stay holy because God is holy.

NOTE:  If you want to do the study on Revelation with BSF this fall, check out their website for a class near you.  You won’t be sorry.  If you decide to do BSF, let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

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