Monday, August 22, 2011

My Summer with Micah

I have been busy this summer and have not had much time to post to my blog.  I have been keeping my new grandson, Micah.  He’s 12 weeks old and soooo cute.  Babies are truly miracles.  God certainly knows what He’s doing when He knits them together so perfectly.  Each time I see Micah I am in awe and amazed all over again.

Soon I will be attending Bible Study Fellowship as I have for the past 5 years.  When it starts in September, Micah will be going with me.  BSF now has a program for infants.  He will be prayed over and sung to.  Not only will I be learning more about God and His word in my classes, but Micah will be learning to in his classes.

BSF is an 8 year study, studying a different book each year.  People all over the world are studying the same book at the same time.  There are classes for men, women and children and classes are offered day or night.  You can check their site for dates and times.  I am sure there are classes in your area, since they are all over the world. 

I look forward to seeing what God has for me this year as we study the book of Acts.  I will try to reflect my insights in my blog.  So keep watching for my next post.

God bless you all,

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